Everything is Mined and Trucked

Absolutely everything we depend on is either made from minerals or relies on minerals for its production.  Every American will use 3.3 million pounds of metals, fuels and MINERALS  in a lifetime.

Each year, 10 tons (20,000 pounds) of aggregates are mined per person in the United States (2000 census).   Eighty-six percent of the $121 billion worth of commodities delivered annually from sites in Maryland is transported by trucks on the state’s highways. An additional eight percent is delivered by parcel, U.S.  Postal Service or courier, which use multiple modes, including highways (Trip: The Road Information Program).

Mining and trucking are not just vital to our economy, they are vital to every aspect of our lives. The items we use on a daily basis all start with raw materials that are either mined or grown.  Aggregates are required to make the items we often take for granted: glass, paint, medicine, roads, bridges, bricks, plastic and of course, concrete.  After an aggregate mining project is complete, it is necessary to reclaim the land so future generations can continue to have access to sustainable land.  Chaney mine sites have been reclaimed into flourishing neighborhoods, golf courses and community recreation areas. 

The concrete and aggregates industry offers a wide range of rewarding careers that work with advanced technology, contribute the economy, make wise use of natural sustainable resources and make a difference in the lives of all our neighbors and fellow citizens.